B.Sc. Course Offered

Course Name Subject
B.Sc.-1(Non-Medical) 1.English Compulsory 2.Mathematics 3.Physics 4.Chemistry 5.Environmental studies
B.Sc.-11(Non-Medical) 1.Sanskrit Compulsory 2.Mathematics 3.Physics 4.Chemistry
B.Sc.-111(Non-Medical) 1.Mathematics 2.Physics 3.Chemistry
B.Sc.-1(Medical) 1.English Compulsory 2.Botany 3.Zoology 4.Chemistry 5.Environmental studies
B.Sc.-11(Medical) 1.Sanskrit Compulsory 2.Botany 3.Zoology 4.Chemistry
B.Sc.-111(Medical) 1.Botany 2.Zoology 3.Chemistry
(B) Compulsory Qualifying Paper 1.Environmental Studies 2.Computer Education

Note:- The student will be requried to qualify this paper otherwise the final result wiil not be declared and degree will not be awarded.

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